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Search engine optimization services are critical to search engine visibility. Siteboxgroup's team of SEO experts provides fully managed SEO packages. Trusted by senior communities both large and small, let us show you how we can increase leads, boost site traffic and your overall return on investment.

Search Engine Optimization, or SEO, is simply the art of getting your website ranked as high as possible within the top search engines. At Siteboxgroup, these include Google, Yahoo! and Bing. We consider SEO an art because it requires more than just the mechanics of page optimization, but a full process of creating, monitoring and managing search results on a monthly, weekly and daily basis. Search Engine visibility is competitive, let Siteboxgroup be your trusted partner to provide results, increased site traffic and lead generation.

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SEO Strategies for Senior Living Communities

There are keywords and money keywords…what's the difference?

In the world of SEO there are "keywords” that may well attract lots of browsers and "money keywords” that attract real residence…identifying and differentiating these is the first step in maximizing the ROI for your community with the Search Engines.

Traffic Volume vs. the Bottom Line

Optimizing for broad SEO keywords will certainly increase traffic to your web site but how many of these visitors are ready to buy or inquire, right here, right now? Frankly, broad keywords are a lottery, chewing up serious bandwidth with a low level of conversion…it’s not just about traffic volumes, it’s about RevPOV (Revenue Per Online Visit). "Money keywords” are the rich fruit of SEO and deliver qualified visitors to specific landing pages, structured with predictive "click mapping” that will move the visitor to buy or make an online inquiry.

Some examples of "broad keywords” vs "money keywords”:

  • "senior living community” vs "Best senior living in Seattle”
  • "memory care” vs "senior memory care services”
  • "Senior living” vs "transitioning to senior care near Memphis”

We have proven through rigorous testing that, although the highest volume of searches is for two and three broad keyword combinations, the highest converting click throughs to your site will be from the results of three, four and five money SEO keyword combinations.

Case Study: Woodhave Village Senior Living

Woodhaven Village, located in Conroe, TX wanted to improve their search engine ranking for their senior living community. Siteboxgroup was able to analyze a variety of potential opportunities, and has been dramatically improving SEO for both traditional and organic search.

Before Siteboxgroup
  • 14% visibility across 3 main search engines
  • 0 Keywords ranking in top 10 (page 1)
  • 0 Keywords ranking in top 50
  • 0 Ranking in Google Maps
  • 0 Visibility in Google Mobile Search
Since Siteboxgroup
  • 64% visibility across 3 main search engines
  • 48 Keyword rankings in top 10 (3 at #1)
  • 96 Keywords ranking in top 50
  • #3 position on Google Maps
  • 74% Visibility in Google Mobile Search

Woodhaven Village SEO Report

Research, Research And More Research

So, how do we identify both the broad keywords and money keywords for your site?

We subscribe to several online tools that make the initial task of identifying the broad keywords for your community relatively straightforward. Google, Bing and Yahoo! also have some SEO keyword tools available which we use to cross reference our research.

We then take an in depth look at the top 30 Search Engine result sites for each set of broad keywords and drill down to each web site’s specific landing pages, looking for extensions to the two and three keyword sets…the "money” keywords…piggy-backing on the work your competitors have already completed.

Add in some extensive dictionary and thesaurus study and we end up with a Keyword Library of terms, somewhere between 10 and 30 depending on the SEO package you choose. This keyword library then forms the basis for our web site analysis, content development and inbound link building strategies.

What We Do

We will typically initially focus on 10, 15 or 20 "core” keyword groupings. We then research and identify the 20 best keyword phrases for each grouping, balancing volume and conversion analysis, resulting in a keyword library that will become the platform for your content development for your organic SEO or the framework for your Pay Per Click campaigns.

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