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Depending on the type of website you selected, it can be a little as 48 hours or as long as three weeks. We have a variety of "ready-to-go" sites that we can customize with your branding and color scheme, those site can be completed and launched pretty quickkly. For our full-customer web design service, our work is typing call completed within a 3 week time period (depending on the complexity of your site).
Since SEO results don't typically happen overnight, we strongly recommend a 6 month contract, however we do require a minimum 3 month commitment.
While we cannot promise to make your site #1, primarily because of a few factors that are out of our control. With that said, it's not impossible for us to get you in the #1 position, however it make take a few months or more, depending on market competitiveness and how aggressive you want us to be in improving your site rank. CAUTION: Be weary of any company who guarantees you #1 placement. If they do, asked how! And more importantly, for what keywords or phrases!

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