Siteboxpro Web Design Becomes Sitebox Group

Though Siteboxpro had a well established name in the web design world, we realized our name didn't reflect our complete identity. It might have seemed weird for someone go to a "Siteboxpro Web Design" and ask them to print some business cards. In mid 2016, we began slowly emerging with a bigger image that could hail the broad base of services and solutions we offer our clients. None of the name ideas we came up with initially really jumped out at us. Sitebox Group quickly rose to the top as the strongest contender to champion our cause. Soon, Siteboxpro, the name, will be phased into a new fresh Sitebox Group. We created a really cool icon, that accomplishes several things, as we continue telling our story to the world. We wanted to preserve the core name of "Sitebox," because it implies that you can fulfill all your marketing needs in one site and in one place. The box shape represents everything you need, marketing-wise, all in one box. We carved our initials, "SBG," into this glorious shape and out came one heck of an icon.